... Enter the world of Dante Gallo

You might wonder what an acoustic guitar has to do with a guy who spends his days working in Logic Pro, a digital studio, creating compositions that are a mix of progressive, electro, deep house with a dash of classic piano thrown into it. Or, it was said, that he somehow manages to find a perfect modern blend of 90s EuroDance with a sound of Jean-Michelle Jarre. 

It is rather simple, really… Dante says that every tune starts with chord progressions on a guitar until the sound and timing is right to create an eclectic, blended beat using computer technology.

Dante is and always was a music creator at heart, dragging his guitar from one movie set to another but not daring to “hang up” his truck keys and pursue the life of a music producer. Until COVID -19 came along and changed the world forever…

He says that living in isolation through one lockdown after another, freed his spirit and enabled him to do what he always wanted – create a fusion of beats that takes listeners on a captivating journey across a musical landscape not yet discovered.

Having made this decision Dante immersed himself in the role as a music producer with even greater passion than when he used to “move movies” in his previous life (15 movie credits on IMDB).

In just a few months he crafted more than 45 compositions, published 10 singles on 30 streaming platforms and with his creative juices in full flow has more tunes nearing completion for listeners to enjoy.

“I feel like the floodgates were open and melodies rattling around in my brain rushed out into the world without much help on my part.” – Dante Gallo

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